Autumn A Time for Change


Fall Greetings Everyone!

Many of you know that I was born and raised in Upstate New York, where the seasons
were more defined by the changes in temperature and scenery than we are accustomed to in Houston, TX.
Fall was always my favorite season as the summer foliage transitioned into a rainbow of glorious colors. Temperatures dropped and people all around seemed to change attitudes with the passing of hot summers and the transition into fall, which, (in New York anyway), seemed to be compromised to just 2 ½ months!

Spring and summer planting and nurturing of our gardens brought a harvest during
these months which all ended come winter.

If we think about our business in terms of season transitions, (other than customer
preferences), we might find fall an excellent chance to reflect on our spring and summer
seasons in our businesses and determine what marketing seeds we need to plant for a more fruitful new year.

Fall is an excellent time to take a look at current business plan (you do have a current business plan, don’t you?) and make the revisions and additions to “grow” your businesses in new directions in 2017.

This month’s cover honoree, Dr. Jack Jensen of Athletic Orthopedics and Knee Center,
has a clinic that integrates specialized treatment options, nutrition and wellness activities, and personalized attention to ensure the very best possible outcome. Dr. Jensen knows how important it is to integrate your client/patient suggestions and new technology to better serve those clients.

“Whatever is important for them, we take care of them. They get better and they refer
someone else. So we know we really do a good job. That’s the kind of healthcare you get here,” concurs wife Allison Jensen. “You come here and you get well.”

“We’re on the Internet; we have a website; we take care of a lot of schools; and so a lot
of people know about us. We work with a lot of companies. But, if you do a good job and listen to your patients, they’ll refer other people to you, and by far that’s the majority of referrals that we get,” says DrJensen.

I know you will enjoy Dr. Jack Jensen’s story.

Also in this issue, we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Brazil-Texas Chamber of Commerce (BRATECC). What a terrific organization that we have enjoyed getting to know better.
It’s time to let you get started on this month’s issue!
Good Reading, Good Sales, & Success to You,

Steve Levine/Executive Publisher


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