Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over


Who ever said starting a new business was easy?

Who ever said that we would get it right, the first time?

Certainly, I didn’t say the above as I have faced my share of adversity, setbacks and disappointments along the way in my business ventures and so have most (if not all) of our cover honorees.

The annals of history are lined with failed attempts that turned into successes

Why is the possibility of setbacks and disappointments so prevalent when we start a new venture, you ask? I will tell you that you would (literally) need a crystal ball to for see how little you knew when you started that venture.

As we approach the last two months of the year, I am reminded of the setbacks we in Houston have faced in our lives and in our businesses. FEMA estimates that nearly 40 percent of small businesses never reopen after a disaster. With it’s 13.5 trillion gallons of water that Harvey dumped on Houston and the surrounding area, I would wager that the percentage of losses to small businesses in Houston were much greater.

Such was the case for Tarrant County based Rodeo Dental with 2 locations in Houston. Their South Houston location suffered severe damage due to Hurricane Harvey, Thankfully, for SBT Magazine and the 3 partners of Rodeo Dental Dr, Saam Zarravi, Doctor Yahya Mansour & Dr. Brian Dugoni), this month’s cover honorees, their Cypress, TX practice as spared and we were able to use that location for our photo shoot.

About this month’s cover honorees…

In this issue, Jack Warkenthien returns with a terrific column on “Your Next Step” for a new start. Hank Moore has a terrific article entitled “Entrepreneurs’ Guideposts to Real Business Success”. I think that you will find both articles very, very helpful.

It’s time to get started with this month’s issue!


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