Failing Does Not Mean That You Are a Failure


Disappointment when one does not reach their goals is not uncommon. When we created our business plans and sales objectives for the year 2015, we could not have predicted the possible setbacks and roadblocks we would encounter this year. For Barbara and I, it was the Memorial Day flooding! Waters that destroyed our home, our contents, our automobiles and our (even more devastating) the contents of our home office and business). We lost our publishing, sales, marketing and clients and some staff. It would have been a good time to quit and move on to something else. But we stayed true to our mission and are moving on.

History is full of setbacks and disappointments that became successes once the subject decided that they would not quit. Sometimes that success is right around the corner.

We have several excellent articles this month that deal with the “bouncing back” from setbacks and making plans for greater success! My friend Ruben Gonzalez (4-time Olympian and National Luge Champion) returns with an article entitled “How to Bounce Back and Win!”  Rita Santamaria (a Publisher’s Advisory Board member and regular columnist) has a terrific article entitled Assessment of Your Business is Personal”. Lastly, I recommend you read Aimee Woodall’s article “Happy [Here Before You Know It] New Year”.

One more success story (besides our terrific cover story of Patricia Vice/Texas Security Shredding who is a cancer survivor and has known setbacks of her own, is that of Dr. Jim Wheeler and his lovely wife Janet of Candy Bouquets International.

I truly believe that you will enjoy and benefit from these articles and stories in this issue.

Finally, one more (very strong) recommendation is that consider membership in the Houston Metropolitan Chamber who we have profiled in the centerfold of this issue. Barbara and I have really been impressed with the not only the chamber leadership, their mission and their events, etc., but their members! Not only do we recommend you join, but take advantage of the opportunities to “grow” your business this year with the Houston Metropolitan Chamber. Barbara and I are!

It’s the 4th Quarter, let’s make it count!

Good Reading, Good Sales & Success to You!

Steve Levine

President/Executive Publisher


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