Fall Greetings Everyone!


At least it is supposed to feel and look like fall, right?

Yes, football is in full swing, baseball is winding down, Halloween items have been out for purchase since the end of August and (for Texas) THIS is fall!

September also is a reminder (like hitting the “snooze” on the alarm clock for the last time before getting up in the morning, that we are hitting 4th Quarter 2015.

September on the clock says that it is time to look back on the last three quarters and compare where our business plan for the year was to have lead us by now and where we can tweek our business to get it back on track.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself at this point…

  1. Were the goals on my business plan realistic?
  2. Have my client’s needs and/or preferences changed?
  3. Have I taken every advantage to market by business where my future clients are likely to be shopping for my products/services?
  4. Have I spent enough time/budget “loving” my clients?
  5. Have I asked for my clients referrals?
  6. Have I asked my staff for their feedback on how we might improve our business?
  7. Is my business really prepared for the growth that we projected?

Well, we are now going into the 4th Quarter and it is 1st down and 3 months to go. You have the time to get back on the scoreboard!

Our cover honoree, Bobby Bryant of IBuy is not only a HUGE football fan (Go “Bama!”), but a visionary who always has one eye on his businesses bottom line and the other squarely on the changing preferences of consumers and what is trending.

Barbara and I had the pleasure of featuring Bobby as the cover honoree of our December 2010 issue of PREMIER AGENT MAGAZINE and now on this issue of SMALL BUSINESS TODAY!

You will enjoy his story!

Good Reading, Good Sales & Success to You!

Steve Levine

Executive Publisher


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