Keep Your Passion as a Speaker and You Will Keep Your Mojo


By Pam Terry

Passion is akin to inspiration, motivation, excitement, and enthusiasm for the present and the future.  When one has passion for something, it makes them feel alive.  They no longer experience a mundane view of the world.  Their courage and energy levels are so revved up that all of this creates a magical feeling, often referred to as “mojo”.  Having a mojo propels a person forward and upward.  They are so effective that even obstacles move out of their way.

Speakers without passion are dull and lifeless and put an audience to sleep!  Plus, no passion equals inevitably giving up.  If you’re a speaker just for the money and not passionate about speaking or about your topic, you will eventually tire out.  There’s no mojo where there’s no passion.

Remember the Austin Powers’ movie where he loses his mojo and “has to get it back?”   Have you ever “lost” your passion in a way where you feel like you don’t have a passion for anything?  It happened to me when I lost a job that I loved many years ago.  I felt lost, adrift, and searching without really knowing where to look.

The day that I made a simple list of all the things that I love in life was a turning point.  I looked at the list and got really excited!  I asked myself, “How can I combine all of the things on this list into a career?”   Without figuring out how to do it (I was enthused and not knowing how was not going to stop my new mojo), I came up with an idea for a humanitarian TV network called NOWW TV.

NOWW stands for Network of What’s Working.  The premise is focusing on the things that work in the world in the areas of eliminating poverty, homelessness, crime, and creating thriving communities so we can expand them everywhere.  I was combining my limitless love for making a difference, my limitless love and incredible skill for puzzles and troubleshooting, and my insatiable curiosity with my love for film, TV, movies, and communication.  I get inspired just writing about it!

I wasn’t sure how to create the TV network, so I created my speaker/coaching business as a stepping stone towards the TV programming and am still on my path to create NOWW TV.   Do you see that passion is about the future?  When you have a passion for something, it’s about creating something in the future.  Passion for something is a “calling forth.”  It’s about something happening now and continually, and it inspires YOU.  Your passion is your true north, your true joy.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Vision and passion go hand in hand about creating a future that inspires, motivates, and captures people’s imagination.  While you are contemplating your future as a public speaker, you can keep your message fresh by ensuring you are igniting your passion which is your true mojo.

Have you lost your mojo?  Would you like help with identifying your true passion or just getting back?  Try this simple exercise:  Make a list of everything you love in life without judging any of it.  For example, a friend of mine loves to do laundry! No matter how trivial a thing, if you love it, list it.  Then, take a look at your list and see how just looking at it inspires you.  Perhaps you’ll find a whole new twist to your next speaking engagement (or your career or your life!).


Pam Terry is a speaker, coach, trainer, and marketing strategist.  You can reach Pam by phone at 832-276-4153 or by email at  For more information, please visit her website at


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