Productivity Tools for Public Speakers


In this article, I’ll review a few apps that I have found to be winners and why.


For keeping track of all my passwords, LastPass wins. No matter what device, I don’t have to a) use the same password or b) remember any password. LastPass is free and for the most part, the free version worked for me until I became dependent on my phone for a lot of website access. I finally broke down and paid the $12 a year to be able to use LastPass on my phone and it has been well worth it.

When Yahoo had a vulnerable break with passwords last year, LastPass sent me an email with all the websites that I needed to change my passwords and made it super easy to do so.

If you’re the type of person that uses the same password for everything, you don’t need LastPass. However, once you understand the vital and critical importance to have different passwords, you should consider LastPass to make it super easy to keep up with them. LastPass can either generate super complex passwords for you or you can create your own. Either way, LastPass will remember them for you.


I have tried just about every productivity tool out there or at least a multitude to help me keep up with all of my goals, tasks, to dos, and reference information for my business and my life. Most of these apps have been too complicated or cumbersome.

I finally discovered a super simple productivity tool, Toodledo, and love it. It’s super easy to use and becomes your to do list keeper on your laptop, phone, and/or notepad. It works across all of your devices and has five separate areas, Tasks, Notes, Outlines, Lists, and Habits.

Although it’s only as good as your devotion to it, its simplicity and ease of use make it a winner. What I like about it is that I can put all of my “to dos” in one place and have access to them on my phone. I also like that I can group my tasks, not only for my projects, but also for my calls and errands.

My problem with any task list is my lack of attention to it. I haven’t found an app, yet, that can help me create better habits. However, Toodledo does have a Habits section that I have yet to utilize. The only thing that has worked to help me improve my work habits has been either an accountability partner or a coach. But, I find that Toodledo is the best tool for keeping all of my tasks, lists, and reference information handy and organized across my devices.

Google Drive

Google Drive helps me to access certain documents from anywhere. That’s a nice feature when you are using someone else’s computer. It also lets you share documents with your team. Sharing a document is important when your team needs to provide input and make changes on a document rather than emailing it back and forth. With Google Drive, you get 15G of free storage which includes Gmail, Photos, and documents on Google Drive. I find that Google Drive is a lot easier to use than Drop Box and you get a lot more free storage.


I was a diehard Google Maps user until I read about and tried the Waze app. I found Waze to be better than Google Maps because of the real-time input from other drivers about police cited, potholes, accidents, and other road hazards. It’s free and the interactive feature makes it fun to use. It has a little bit of a learning curve but nothing major.

What apps do you like to use to help you be more productive?


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