Who Is/Was YOUR Mentor or Role Model?

Way back In the 70’s & 80’s I was as a national speaker to the multi-housing (apartment industry). I spoke and trained on a variety of topics that apartment managers, assistant managers, leasing agents, etc. needed to hear on sales, marketing and hiring. I would provide these seminars and workshops for individual companies and organizations (Apartment Associations, apartment conventions (locally, nationally, etc.) all for a fee). Sometimes on my own or in tandem with 1 or several of my fellow national speakers.

I loved having a microphone in my hand and a group in front of me that I was hired to educate, motivate and (yes) entertain! I believed that if an audience is laughing, they are definitely listening.

When I first started in the apartment business as a leasing agent at Creekside Apartments in Orlando, FL, I absolutely hated the business and was convinced it just was not for me! Luckily, there were two brothers (Jim & John Duffy) who were equally convinced that it WAS meant for me. I tried to resign several times and they just would not accept my resignation.
Imagine being a nationally sought-after speaker (for a fee) for an industry that you were convinced that you were not supposed to be in.

I have had many, many mentors and role models since, but will never forget what the two brothers did for me.

So, who was/is your mentor?

If you don’t have one, social media gives us a excellent change to connect with a world of talented and knowledgeable people.

If you haven’t connected with them lately, send them a hand-written note (“old school”, I know) and just say “Thanks!”

Consider mentoring someone yourself.

Offer to share your business lessons learned and experiences with someone who could be empowered by that information.

There is a very special relationship between a mentor and a prodigy.

It’s time to let you get started on this very special issues.

Success to you,

Steve Levine


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Steve Levine has more than 30 years experience in publishing, advertising and advertising sales. He founded the Metro Houston Apartment Guide, The Jacksonville Communities Guide and Perfect Wedding Guides.

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