The Phenomenal 5 Point Experiential Marketing Message


By Howard Partridge

In the last issue of Small Business Today Magazine, I shared a personal experience that demonstrated how creating a unique experience for your customers, clients, or patients means you can charge more.  Why do you need to charge more?  Because working 24/7 to just barely scrape by is not a phenomenal life.  Several years ago, I developed my five point marketing message.  This message covers the five things that people will stand in line and pay the highest price for.  When you have all five of them in place and you understand how to use them in your marketing, you can literally position yourself at the top of any industry.

Here are the five points:

  1. Reputation
    There is one primary unspoken question that every prospect has about every person or company they do business with.  “Can I trust you?” is the question. They may not verbalize it just like that but that is their number one question.  So your marketing message must not only demonstrate trust but you must also prove that you have a phenomenal reputation.
  2. Experience
    The second unspoken question all prospects have about your business is, “Do you know what you are doing?” If you don’t have a clue what you are doing, what good is it?  So your marketing message must prove that you have experience.
  3. Education
    The third point demonstrates that you are trained and that you have specialized knowledge.  It has to do with being an educational source.
  4. Systems
    This point has to do with both the technical systems of your business as well as your customer service system.  In other words, how will you service that client different from anyone else?  If you are providing technical, repair, or maintenance service, what is different about your company’s service call compared to other companies?
  5. Guarantee
    The final point is to remove the risk of moving forward from the customer.  The way you structure your guarantee has a great impact on your message.

Two Versions of the Message

There are two primary ways you will use this message:

  1. The Introduction Version is short and memorized.
  2. The Presentation Version is longer and applies to the situation.

The Introduction Version is used in any case in which you are in a position of introducing your company to a prospect.  If someone comes across a brochure about your company, it should deliver these five points.  In the case of using it verbally such as in a grocery store for example, you can cover all five points very effectively in about 60-90 seconds.  Some people call this the “Elevator Pitch.”

Now instead of using language that focuses on how you do your work like everyone else does, you are refocusing that prospect on the five things that set you apart.  Using the five points, you will be able to convey a meaningful message in a short amount of time that will set you apart and will attract the right kind of prospects.

The longer, Presentation Version is used once you have generated prospects and you have the opportunity to give them a presentation. This may be over the phone or in person.  The benefit of doing a presentation is that you can discover their needs and customize your five point message to fit their needs, concerns, and desires.

I call the Five Point Experiential Marketing Message a UEPTM (Unique Experience Proposition).  You may have heard of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in the past.  Because Experiential Marketing is so important, I have changed that to a UEP.

Next month, in my next article, I will share how to create and use your unique Five Point Marketing Message.  Until then, be phenomenal.


Howard Partridge, President of Phenomenal Products, Inc. and International Business Coach, is the author of 7 Secrets of a Phenomenal L.I.F.E. and 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business.  Get a Free CD that reveals the 5 Secrets of a Phenomenal Business by visiting his website at


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