What is Your 7-Word Power Statement?


When someone asks you what you do, what do you say? A typical response is something like, “I’m a Realtor®,” or “I’m a social media consultant,” or “I’m a doctor/lawyer/nurse/hypnotist/coach/etc.” It’s normal to say what you do, but it’s not as effective as you can be.

The “normal” response may be accurate and the examples above all have one thing in common. They are focused on what you do. In other words, the normal response doesn’t say anything about what you do for others, which is much more interesting to the person listening! What you do for others meaning what outcomes you provide – benefits.

For example, a better response for a business attorney could be, “I keep businesses out of hot water,” which is 7 words. Or, “I keep businesses out of court,” which is only 6 words. Both of these responses are about what you do for others – the specific outcome provided. These examples are much more interesting and could very likely illicit this response, “Really? How do you do that?”

You can say what you do in 7 words (or less) and have it be so powerful that it evokes curiosity simply by focusing on what you do for others, the outcome you provide.

By focusing on the outcome you provide, your statement is not only more interesting, it will most likely lead the other person to either ask, “Really? How do you do that?” or to say, “I need you!” When your words are powerful, you invoke curiosity and get a conversation going about what you do. Once someone asks you how you do “that,” be prepared to respond. And, it they say they need you, give them your card and start finding out why they think they need you. Now is the time to either discover what they need solving and/or setting up a time to talk more.

Your 7-word power statement is perfect for one-on-one networking. Unfortunately, and in almost all cases, there’s nothing more boring when you ask someone what they do and they go on and on about themselves and their services.

It’s so much better to be succinct and create interest. The tough thing is that we have a hard time saying less yet it’s impactful when we do. It’s well worth your time to develop a powerful 7-word statement.

Words are powerful but only when you put them together succinctly. Hint: words like very, more, this, that, these, and those, water down your message. General and vague words and phrases like value and peace of mind flatten your message. Your 7 word power statement should create a picture of pleasure or pain – an experience or visual that people can relate to.

What is your power statement? Here’s mine: I help people become confident, in-demand speakers. Email your 7 word power statement to me and I will be glad to provide you with feedback on it.


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Pam Terry is a highly recognized speaker coach and marketing strategist. For a complimentary copy of her eBook, “How to Easily Develop an Award Winning Presentation,” visit www.pamterry.com. Pam can be reached at 832-276-4153 or [email protected].

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